Service and Maintenance


Here at Bayside Custom Carts we care about the reliability and performance of your golf cart and your safety is our number one priority.

Our technicians perform a bumper-to-bumper inspection to check for any hidden problems, maintenance issues and assurance that your cart performs safely.

Batteries & Cables – Clean, maintain proper water levels, perform diagnostic run tests on your batteries for proper discharge times and voltage outputs.

Wire Harness - Check throughout the cart for corrosion and loose connections. Replace or repair if needed.

Brakes - Clean and adjust brake drums and pads. Adjust or replace if needed. Inspect brake cables for any damages or normal wear.

Front and Rear Suspension - Visually check for any damaged or worn components such as your carts bushings, leaf springs, tie rods, kingpins, shocks and all associated hardware.

Tires - Inspect for normal wear. Perform front end alignment and valve check each tire for proper inflation.

Parts and Accessories – We can repair or add anything to your cart. We have a huge selection of parts and accessories in our warehouse available for any replacements, upgrades or customization your cart needs.

If your cart will not run at all it’s okay! Our technicians are well trained and will diagnose any mechanical or electrical problem in a timely manner.

Bayside Custom Carts continues to set the bar high for customer service and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our prices are some of the lowest rates in the Central Florida Region.

As always here at Bayside Custom Carts, we offer pickup and delivery options to fit your needs and budget.

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