Denago EV Manufacturers Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty Terms and Conditions Coverage: Denago® EV ("Company") offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty for new electric vehicles and associated batteries or vehicle chassis to be free from material or workmanship defects. This is a parts only warranty for the original purchaser. Denago EV Corporation (“DENAGO EV”) hereby warrants to the Original Purchaser or Lessee, as those terms are defined herein, and subject to the provisions, limitations and exclusions in this limited warranty, that its new vehicle or new component purchased from DENAGO® EV, or an Authorized Dealer or Distributor shall be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the periods stated below. Warranty Period: Begins on the vehicle's retail date of purchase. For rental fleets, please see Rental/Commercial Limited Warranty. Components Warranty Coverage Aluminum Chassis Lifetime LiFePO4 Battery 5 Years (Full Replacement*) All Other Parts and Components Exclusions: 2 Years • Routine maintenance, normal wear and tear, proper tire pressure and cosmetic deterioration. • Damage from neglect, abuse, accident, unapproved parts or accessories, or external events like vandalism or acts of nature. • Repairs not performed at approved dealer locations (repairs by dealer personnel at retail customers residence are allowed). • Costs for transportation to/from service locations. • Fuses, decals (except safety decals), light bulbs, lubricants, trim pieces, seats, routine wear items such as brake shoes, brushes, bushings, mats and pads, tires and maintenance adjustments. • Cosmetic deterioration, and items which deteriorate or fail due to environmental elements exposure or ordinary wear and tear. Paint Fading due to chronic sun exposure or/and improper storage. Warranty Void Conditions: The warranty may be void if the vehicle/battery shows signs of: • Neglected maintenance or usage outside that described in the Operator’s (Owner’s) Manual. • Use of non-OEM (unapproved) parts, modifications, or alterations. • Non-approved electrical installations. Sole Remedy: If a defect arises, Denago® EV will, at its discretion, repair or replace the part with original OEM parts or reconditioned parts at factory option. Defective parts, replaced under the terms of this Warranty, are property of Denago® EV and must be returned to Denago® EV upon request. Liability: Denago® EV excludes liability for indirect damages, including but not limited to death, injury, or property damage, arising from product defects. All legal claims must be made within three months of the warranty claim’s origination. Denago® EV Parts & Service | 833-965-3024 | cs@denagoev.comBattery Warranty and Specifics: • Amp hour warranty period is recorded by Denago® EV. • Battery warranty claims require Denago® EV specified testing. • Non-factory additions directly to batteries will void the warranty. • The 5-year full replacement battery warranty applies solely to personal-use vehicles and excludes commercial-use vehicles.* Reserved Rights: Denago® EV reserves the right to inspect vehicles, modify designs, or assess warranty claims without needing to update previous products. Purchaser acknowledges that this Warranty is the entire warranty provided by Denago® EV and that no exceptions or modifications to this warranty are valid without written approval from Denago® EV Corporation. DENAGO® EV’S MAIN PRIORITY IS TO TAKE CARE OF ALL OUR DEALERS AND CUSTOMERS. YOU ARE OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY AND WE WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH THE EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE YOU DESERVE 24/7. IF THE PRODUCT WARRANTY REGISTRATION FORM IS NOT COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED TO DENAGO® EV AT THE TIME OF THE ORIGINAL RETAIL SALE, PURCHASER MUST PROVIDE PROOF OF DATE OF PURCHASE SUCH AS ORIGINAL RETAIL CUSTOMER INVOICE OR BILL OF SALE WITH ANY WARRANTY CLAIM. Disclaimer: THIS LIMITED WARRANTY IS EXCLUSIVE. DENAGO® EV MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTY OF ANY KIND EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE WHICH EXCEED THE OBLIGATIONS OR TIME LIMITS STATED INTHIS WARRANTY ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED BY DENAGO® EV AND EXCLUDED FROM THE WARRANTY. THE REPAIR OF THE DEFECTIVE VEHICLE OR COMPONENT THEREOF IS THE SOLE REMEDY OF THE PURCHASER. DENAGO® EV MAKES NO OTHER REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, AND NO REPRESENTATIVE, EMPLOYEE, DISTRIBUTOR OR DEALER OF DENAGO® EV HAS THE AUTHORITY TO MAKE OR IMPLY ANY REPRESENTATION, PROMISE OR AGREEMENT, WHICH IN ANY WAY VARIES THE TERMS OF THE WARRANTY. WARNING: ANY MODIFICATION OR ALTERATION TO THE VEHICLE BEYOND FACTORY SPECIFICATIONS, INCLUDING THOSE THAT AFFECT THE WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION, STABILITY, OR SPEED OF THE VEHICLE, CAN CAUSE SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH AND WILL VOID THIS WARRANTY IN ITS ENTIRETY. Denago® EV Parts & Service | 833-965-3024 |