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What is EPIC?

EPIC. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? “Grand in scale or character,” “Particularly impressive or remarkable,” “Extending beyond the normal or usual,” are just a few definitions. It’s a pretty high bar to set for yourself. And it’s a pretty high bar to actually reach. But setting high bars, and actually reaching them, is nothing new for the ownership team behind Epic Carts. Epic was acquired a few years by ICON. 

Every EPIC car comes standard with AGM batteries, 5kw motor, 400/450 amp Curtis controller, high-back diamond stitched seats, 4-wheel disc brakes,4-wheel independent suspension, sound bar, pre-wired 12v switches and full DOT street legal compliance including a glass windshield, 3-point restraints, side mirrors with LED turn signals, lighted license plate bracket and a backup camera. All standard equipment one very EPIC. And all at a price point that is still well below the Big 3!


Metallic Colors: Black, Charcoal, Red, Pearl White, Kansas Blue, Silver & Matte Black

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